"nothing lasts, everything is in a constant state of change

This body of work is an exploration of the lost film imagery over the past 60 years of the Bollywood publicity machine. The value of which is now being recognized by collectors all over the world. I have tried to capture this multi layered fragmented disintegration that you find everywhere in India, on the walls and streets of every city. Film posters were put up outdoors and left, and as the years pass and the weather took its toll, they take on a multi layer beauty that tells its own story. My aim to to capture this continuous change of condition, that is subject to decline and destruction. To me there is beauty in disintegration.

Screen print and mixed media on large wood panels.

Vyjayanthimala black L 116 cm x W 80 cm

Vyjayanthimala Pinks L 118 cm x W 94 cm

Madhubala Green L 118 cm x W 84 cm