a rage to love rickshaw

Hand painted by Claire Robinson, Divya Batra-Pasgon, and Arati Devasher at the Wimbledon Art studios for the Elephant charity

City breezes play BOOKART

I love discovering new processes and challenges and am constantly looking for new ways to express myself.  Book arts is a great way to do this.

City breezes play is a small art book that I created by first printing on both sides of my paper in two colour ways blue gold/ turquoise. 

I then cut it up so that it would concertina and fold up into a little box, that was also printed on the lid..  

There are 40 in the edition and are £40 each.

Each box is signed and dated.

 This book is inspired by a poem by Amy Levy called The Plane trees. These trees are everywhere in London and actually under treat at the moment from a disease in Europe that could mean we would lose them all and that would be a tragedy for London.

PRIVATE COLLECTION Oxford Brookes University 2/40 city breezes art book                                                                                                 


Printing my largest print to date.  'Rekha' is inspired by the bright colours of India and its film industry posters. She is one of the Bollywood greats.  I mono printed onto the screen to give each sari of each print a different look. backgrounds have different colours and treatments including 22ct gold leaf and flocking,